2018-2019 KAWC State Championship Placers!

We had two wresters make Division Wrestlers of the Year!

Amir Harper & Connor Timmons —– Congrats to y’all both!


RookieRachel Cotter2nd
RookieVincent Echavarry1st
RookieAaron Garcia1st
RookieAvery Landrum4th
OpenRachel Cotter4th
OpenGabriel Cox4th
OpenVincent Echavarry6th
OpenAaron Garcia4th
OpenAmir Harper1st
OpenAustin Harper3rd
OpenMicah Johnson5th
OpenRyan Kitson6th
OpenJeremy Manibog5th
OpenPhoenix Martinez3rd
OpenCavden Miller6th
OpenLuke Newton3rd
OpenMateo Nikolov4th
OpenGrant Rogers6th
OpenConnor TImmons1st
OpenAnthony Tritico6th
Greco/RomanNevada Daniels4th
Greco/RomanVincent Echavarry2nd
Greco/RomanAaron Garcia2nd
Greco/RomanAvery Landrum2nd
Greco/RomanJeremy Manibog2nd
Greco/RomanPhoenix Martinez1st
Greco/RomanMatteo Nikolov2nd
Greco/RomanConnor Timmons1st
FreestyleRachel Cotter3rd
FreestyleGabriel Cox4th
FreestyleNevada Daniels2nd
FreestyleVincent Exchavvary3rd
FreestyleAaron Garica2nd
FreestyleAvery Landrum2nd
FreestyleJeremy Manibog2nd
FreestylePhoenix Martinez1st
FreestyleMatteo Nikolov2nd
FreestyleConnor Timmons1st